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Do you need employment advice on an issue you are facing at work?

I would love to help you with any employment law issue you may be facing.  When faced with frustrations and difficulties in the workplace it is important for you to get clear and helpful advice on your rights.


I have over ten years' experience advising on a wide range of employment matters, most recently as a Senior Solicitor for a national legal firm.  I am now extremely proud to be working with Menzies Law as part of a fantastic team of employment law specialist solicitors and barristers.


I can offer a range of services from as little as £80 (plus VAT) for a telephone consultaion which could include a useful telephone discussion on the issues you are facing.  Alternatively we can organise a face-to-face meeting or more formal written help and advice.

All this at an agreed fee so that there are no surprises.  If you need further help or more complex advice then I will always be clear and upfront about any costs.

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Employment Law

I have a comprehensive range of employment law experience and skills, particularly in the key areas of Settlement Agreements, settlement negotiation, disability discrimination, unfair dismissal, harassment, employment status issues, maternity and flexible working rights, redundancy and redundancy payments.  My experience is such that I can give you clear and helpful advice that gives you piece of mind on the issue you may be facing.

If you would like to know a little more about specific aspects of Employment Law then I have included a useful link - get in touch with me if I can be of any help.

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Settlement Agreement help and advice

With no prior warning, my client was presented with a Settlement Agreement. She was told to leave the office immediately, that she was to be dismissed and that she would work out her notice on 'garden leave'. The Employer told her that there were issues with her conduct, but this was never an issue that had been raised with my client previously.

She came to see me so that I could advise her on the Settlement Agreement but also to discuss her options with regards to the settlement sum being offered. She had already decided that she wanted to accept the Agreement as she did not want to continue working with her Employer because of the way she had been treated.

We had a useful discussion of the issues including all the options available to her and what potential claims she might have I advised her on the implications of the Settlement Agreement and on what changes would need to be made to it. 

My client remained of the view that she wanted a clean break from her Employer and wanted to accept the Settlement Agreement.  I advised that that we had to ensure that she was given all the sums due to her on the termination of her employment and that the Agreement gave her certain protections.  We agreed that it would ideally have to be for a higher settlement sum.

I contacted the Employer and notified them of the position.  Following this, I engaged in settlement negotiations with them and after some discussion and negotiation, the Employer agreed to double the settlement sum being paid to my client. A very good result!

By being able to deal with the Settlement Agreement swiftly and thoroughly, I was able to help my client resolve the matter quickly, avoiding any further distress and upset that she had already received by her Employer’s conduct.

The legal bits…

A Settlement Agreement is a written binding contract that waives an individual's rights to bring a claim in an employment tribunal or court.  In return for waiving their employment rights, the Employee usually receives a settlement payment in return.  For the Settlement Agreement to be binding the Employee must receive advice on the terms and effect of the Agreement on the Employee from an employment advisor specialist.

How can I help with your Settlement Agreement?….

I pride myself in ensuring that my clients are given full and understandable advice on the Settlement Agreement and that their rights are protected as best as possible under the Agreement.  I can help negotiate your settlement if you are not happy with what is being offered, or you may be very happy with the Settlement Agreement being offered and want the matter dealt with quickly.

If you are looking for help on a Settlement Agreement you have been given, call me to see how I can be of help


I very much look forward to hearing from you.